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Local Kiteboarder, Nurse and Mother – Shelby Sharlow

Local Kiteboarder, Nurse and Mother – Shelby Sharlow

We are proud to be connected to so many amazing athletes and adventurers in the Midwest.  We love to feature our rad crew of supporters as much as we can.  Shelby is not only a natural and effortless model, she is also a skilled kiteboarder and a passionate mother and nurse. She can often be spotted kiteboarding on Lake Michigan as she is one of the few girls in the area to be launching to the moon on her board. We are stoked to share a little more about her.


Q:  What is your age? Where did you grow up?
A:  I am 26 and I grew up in Muskegon, MI
Q:  How old were you when you first started kiteboarding? How did you get into the sport?
A:  I started kiteboarding when I was 23 years old and I got into the sport because of a friend that I had. I loved watching him so much, that he decided to teach me so I didn’t have to sit on the beach any longer and watch in awe.
Q:  What tricks are you currently working on?
A:  I am currently working on a raley , I cannot allow myself to release and throw back (it’s all in my head) I need to overcome this !
Q:  What is your favorite trick to do?
A: I would have to say front rolls are my absolute favorite as of right now
Q:  What is your favorite food after a day of riding?
A:  after a long day of riding my favorite food is the Deck right next to Pere Marquette which is my home kite spot. Brussel Sprouts, shrimp…brisket anything…this place is where it is at! Also cannot forget the cold drinks 🙂
Q:  Where is favorite place to kiteboard?
A:  My favorite place to kite is the Outer Banks , I have been going there every year since I have learned, and with the consistent winds I am able to progress every time I am there. I leave with a couple new tricks every time I go!
Q:  If you could travel anywhere to kiteboard , where would you like to go?
A:  Jeez, I have been dreaming about the Grenadines ever since I watched the Stance Kiteboarding video with all female riders: Rita, Paula, Karolina and Vrinda! So inspiring and it is in the Caribbean so the waters are just breathtaking!
Q:  When there is no wind, what do you do for fun?
A:  I have a 7 year old and we love to be outside! She skis, and I snowboard! Otherwise we do lots of hiking, skating, anything to stay active .
Q:  What do you love about being on the water?
A:  The water, there’s something so freeing about kiteboarding . Utilizing the elements to do such a fun yet dangerous sport, it’s a true adrenaline rush.
Q:  What is something you are passionate about?
A:  I am passionate about motherhood. I am also very passionate about my job, I am a Registered Nurse and being able to serve my community is a huge blessing !
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